WHELEN Headlight/Grille, Taillight Flashers & Police Equipment Interface Modules

WHELEN Headlight/Grille, Taillight Flashers & Police Equipment Interface Modules
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Price: $96.75
Product ID : SSFFP16
Manufacturer: WHELEN



Headlight Flasher with 8 Flash Patterns, Plug and Play for 2016 Ford Interceptor Utility (Requires Ford Option 60A, pre-wire option). Halogen and LED flashers: designed for heavy-duty long-life operation. Whether you require a complete certified ambulance system or headlight flashers for your vehicle, Whelen can provide you with the reliable solid-state products you require. Interface Modules: Modules provide conditioned signals to and from the Police Equipment Interface Module and the specified vehicle, facilitating the installation of Whelen "Hands-Free" products. LED and Halogen flashers: Solid state controlled relay output. Molded polycarbonate housing. 4 flash patterns. Interface Modules: Dodge Charger Interface Module: •Enables headlight flasher & taillight flasher. Provides horn ring signals for hands-free siren operation through the vehicle's horn. Eliminates the need for an external relay when used with Whelen Hands-Free siren products (CenCom®, CanTrol®, 295 Series sirens). •Provides a park signal for when the vehicle is stationary. This signal is used to shut the siren off, change flash patterns of vehicle lighting (CanTrol® WC), place lights in low power (CanTrol® WC), etc. •Provides a signal when the driver door is open. This signal is used to turn off a flashing alley light and corner modules of a lightbar so not to interfere with the officer when entering and exiting the vehicle. Can also be used to turn on the puddle light of our new V-Series lightheads. •Provides a signal when brakes are applied. This signal is used to activate auxiliary brake lights, or change the pattern of warning lights to let trailing units know the vehicle is slowing down or stopping (CanTrol® WC). •Provides a signal when the engine is running. This signal is used to turn on CanTrol® WC or CenCom Sapphire™ only when the vehicle is running, versus when the key is on or being on all the time. •Provides a signal when the headlights are activated. This signal is used for control head backlighting, etc. •Vehicle Speed Sense. This signal is used with CanTrol® WC to adjust flash patterns, siren tones, and automatic system activation based on how fast (or slow) the vehicle is moving! Ford Police Interceptor Sedan or Utility: •Steering wheel auxiliary switch interfacing - our module will convert the Ford auxiliary switch signals from ground to positive 12 volt, simplifying installation with Whelen CenCom Sapphire or Cantrol WC. Changing these signals allows the end user or installer to forego using external relays when integrating CenCom and CanTrol. •Vehicle Speed Sense feature. Chevy Tahoe and Caprice: •Switches four negative inputs to positive inputs. •Vehicle Speed Sense feature.SSFPOS 100% Solid-State Headlight/Grille Light Flasher 2 Outlet 160 Watts Per Outlet Seven Flash Patterns For Positive Switching Headlights (Replaces SS2150) UHF2150A Two outlet 162 watts per outlet Headlight/Grille light flasher in a compact molded polycarbonate housing with external mounting flanges For use on positive or negative headlight switching. Solid-state controlled relay output. Four flash patterns.

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