LUMALEDS 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs

LUMALEDS 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs
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Price: $139.95
Product ID : M6-9005
Manufacturer: LUMALEDS



9005 LED HEADLIGHT BULBS LUMA LEDS M6 Series LED headlight bulbs are engineered to be direct plug ‘n play replacements for traditional bulbs and install easily into original factory light sockets. The rotatable collar allows for adjustment to align perfectly with any vehicles reflector for optimal projection. Designed for 6-32V vehicles, this LED bulb uses 4 - Edison DF-4BS chips produce a brilliant 3123 lumen of forward illumination, which increases the output of your vehicles headlights, for added safety and style. Backed with a 3-year warranty. REPLACEMENT BULB FOR: 9005, 9005, 9005CB, 9005ST, 9005L+, 9005EB, 9005XV, 9005SU, 9011, 9012, HB3, H10 FEATURES 3 Year Warranty 30,000+ hour LED lifespan is 25x longer than standard bulbs, and 3x longer than Halogen Use 1/10 the energy of traditional bulbs without getting hot. Putting less strain on the electrical system, resulting in less maintenance. Direct replacement with easy installation into original factory light sockets IMPORTANT NOTE: Consult owners manual for correct bulb type and installation procedures. TROUBLE SHOOT: If warning light appears on dash, lights flicker or strobe, vehicle may require an LED Anti-Flicker / Warning Light Canceler. What is an LED, and what makes them better than incandescent bulbs? When electrical current is applied, an LED (light emitting diode) will project light from a semiconductor chip mounted on a circuit board. This provides a much more efficient means of light generation with little heat, over that of incandescent, halogen and xenon bulbs. LEDs typically generate 70+ lumens per watt, which shadows the output of incandescents at 15, and xenons at 20-25 lumens per watt. LUMA LEDs offers a wide range of replacement LED bulbs, as well as vehicle centric LED lighting for off road applications. This includes LED work lights, LED light bars, and accessories such as wiring harnesses, brackets and clamps. Applications include powersports and off road vehicles, agricultural and industrial vehicles, commecial and fleet vehicles, boats, RV's, campers, and safety vehicles.

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