Scene Lighting

Scene Lighting
LUMALEDS 6" LED Work Light - Round 70W
Product ID : OLR6-70W-CBB
LUMALEDS 6" LED Work Light - Square 80W
Product ID : OLS6-80W-60B
LUMALEDS 7" LED Work Light - Oval 36W
Product ID : OLO7-36W-xB
Product ID : 580CAAZR
WHELEN PAR-36 Round Super-LED® Work Light with Pedestal/Swivel Mount
Product ID : PFBP6
PAR-36 Super-LED worklights are rated to last thousands of hours and provide...
WHELEN PAR-36 Super-LED® Floodlights and Spotlights
Product ID : P36SLC
PAR-36 Super-LED® lights are a drop-in replacement for outdated Halogen...
WHELEN PAR-46 Super-LED® Steady-Burn Floodlights, Spotlights and Combination Spot Light and Warning Light
Product ID : P46SLC
Now you can add Super-LED red or blue warning capability to your Unity-style...
WHELEN Pioneer™ and Pioneer Plus™ Series, Includes Handle and Pole/Pedestal Mount Adapter
Product ID : PFA1P
All the performance and reliability benefits of Whelen’s latest LED...
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WHELEN Pioneer™ Series and Pioneer Plus™ Series
Product ID : PFA1
White Housing, 12 VDC unless noted,Super-LED Spot/Flood Lights. Requires...