LUMALEDS LED Resistor - 6 ohm, 50 watt

LUMALEDS LED Resistor - 6 ohm, 50 watt
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Price: $7.95
Product ID : RK-506
Manufacturer: LUMALEDS



LED LOAD RESISTOR - 50W / 6ohms LUMA LEDS 50 Watt, 6 Ohm LED Load Resistors are used inline without cutting any wires. Due to the low current draw of LED bulbs, vehicle computers will read the bulb as burned out, resulting in hyper flash, or error messages. LED resistors resolve that issue. Typically, one load resistor is needed per LED bulb. For example, if installing two turn signal bulbs in the rear of the vehicle, two LED load resistors will be needed. NOTE: LED load resistors can get very warm during operation. Mount these in an area that they do not make contact with plastic, or other components that may melt.

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