Connector Kits
Product ID : A441A
WHELEN Power Air Horn & Power Air Horn Plus Series Accessory
Product ID : PAPEXT15
PAPEXT15 15’ Microphone Extension Cable for PAP112 Only. Perfect for...
WHELEN Shielded Three Conductor Extension Cables
Product ID : EXT
Extension Cable with AMP Mate-N-Lok® Connectors
WHELEN Traffic Advisor™ Accessories for TA637A and TA837A
Product ID : TAPVC15
FEATURES. TAPVC15 15’ Traffic Advisor™ Extension Cable for TA637A...
WHELEN Traffic Advisor™ Accessories for TA870A & TA870L
Product ID : TATPR20
FEATURES 20’ Extension Cable for TA870A & TA870L
WHELEN WSSC Series Siren, Combination Siren/Speaker, Harness Kit
Product ID : WSSC30HK
Harness Kit for Synchronization of two WSSC30s Heavy-duty, compact 30-watt...