WHELEN Hands-Free Sirens, Single Unit Siren with 9-Switch Light Control and Low Current Switching, now with Park Kill & Timed-Out Relay

WHELEN Hands-Free Sirens, Single Unit Siren with 9-Switch Light Control and Low Current Switching, now with Park Kill & Timed-Out Relay
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Price: $517.25
Product ID : 295HFSA5
Manufacturer: WHELEN



295HFSA5 Single Unit Siren with 9-Switch Light Control and Low Current Switching, now with Park Kill & Timed-Out Relay. 295SLS and 295HFS Hands-Free Sirens with Diagnostix & SI Test (Except 295HFSA7/A8) All 295HFS Models Have a 5 Year Warranty, Standard. For Removable Microphones, Hi/Low Tones and/or 24 Volts DC, Contact Factory for Exact Model Numbers, Price and Availability. Keep both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road, and you’re still in full control of emergency warning with Whelen electronic sirens. In "handsfree" mode, a 295 Series siren will be in "stand-by" mode awaiting instructions. FEATURES In "Hands Free" mode, a 295HF and 295HFS Series siren will be in "standby" mode awaiting instructions. You can turn the siren On, activate WAIL, YELP or PIERCER TONES and turn the unit Off from the horn ring. No more eyes off the road while fumbling for the siren controls with one hand! Model 295HFS Series amplifiers are microprocessor controlled and rated for 100 or 200 watt output (with the exception of 295HF100, rated @ 100 watts). Standard features include Radio Rebroadcast, Public Address, Manual, Wail, Yelp, Airhorn, and Piercer tones. PTT (Push To Talk) switch on unidirectional microphone over-rides all siren functions. All siren functions are backlit in a soft, non-glare green for ease of nighttime visibility. Contemporary styling complements most Whelen power controls and Traffic Advisor Control Consoles for proper aesthetic stacking. An adjustable bail bracket allows mounting in a variety of positions. Each model is mounted on a slide out chassis with an integral quick disconnect plug for ease of maintenance or replacement. In 295HFS Models, Si-Test® provides a significant risk management advantage. Two different real time diagnostic tests include: Continuous dynamic testing during normal siren operations and a unique silent test while in the "Radio" mode with the "Manual" button depressed. During either operation, one or both red LED lamps will extinguish instantly upon sensing a siren or speaker(s) malfunction.Si-Test® instantly assures you of proper warning capability and two speaker operation for high risk situations. It also eliminates the need for annoying siren "blasts" during vehicle inspections or shift changes. Only Whelen offers this "silent" testing, day or night. Siren 295HFS Series Features six functions, plus radio repeat and public address. "Hands Free" operation. Turn On/Off and access all three siren tones without removing hands from the steering wheel. Si-Test®silent, self-diagnostic indicator of siren or speaker failure, standard on all 295HFS models. Combination On/Off and horn ring transfer switch. Prewired uni-directional microphone. Adjustable microphone and radio repeat volume controls. 295HFSA1 has a "park-kill" feature, which disables the siren when the vehicle is in park. 295HFSA5/296SLSA6 has "park-kill" plus a time-out relay for shotgun lock, trucklock, etc. Adjustable intensity backlighting in soft LED non-glare green, bulb used on 295HF100. Solid State over/under voltage shutdown and output short circuit protection. Input polarity protection External spade-type fuse Adjustable bail bracket allows mounting of unit in a variety of positions. Activate siren tones via "Aux. Enable" input (slide switch, power controls, or relay-to-ground connection). Locking quick disconnect plug for ease of service or replacement. Selectable 100 or 200 watt output, standard on HFS Series. (100 watt only on Model 295HF100.) Meets/exceeds Class A requirements of SAE, AMECA, KKK1822 and California Title XIII specifications SPECIFICATIONS INPUT VOLTAGE - 12.8VDC +/-20% POLARITY - Negitive Ground POLARITY PROTECTION - Diode/Fuse SPEAKER LOAD - One or Two 100 Watt Speakers (One Speaker Only With 295HF100) OUTPUT LOAD - One or Two 11 OHM Speakers (One 11 OHM Speaker Only With 295HF100) STANDBY CURRENT - 100 MA (max, backlight off) BACKLIGHT CURRENT - 150 MA (max) OPERATING CURRENT - 18 Amps max (295HF100 - 9 Amps max, WS2100 16 Amps max) FUSE - 20 Amp Auto Fuse FUSE MOUNTING - Rear Panel OUTPUT SHORT PROTECTION - Solid State/Auto Reset (295HF100 & WS2100 - Fuse) AUDIO FREQUENCY RANGE - 300Hz - 10000Hz @ 25 watts +/- 3dB DISTORTION LEVEL - <5% @ 1KHZ @ 25 Watts RADIO INPUT LEVEL (max sensitivity) - +10dB @ 25 Watts INPUT IMPEDANCE - 1500 Ohms HORN/RING CONTROL - +12VDC or Ground OPERATING TEMPERATURE - -30/+60 OPERATING HUMIDITY - 99° Non-condensing CONNECTOR -12 Pin amp Mate-N Lok® 24" Pigtail

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